His love for me

From 8/20/13 – shared with my Stake President:

In part of my studies, I came across D&C 124: 76, 78.  I have begun keeping a sort of scriptural study journal to capture certain thoughts and impressions I experience in my studying.  I was struck deeply by these two verses.  It seemed to have the effect of taking the theoretical concept that the Savior knows me personally, and gave it effectual life thru the example of His words to Vinson Knight and Isaac Galland.  Specifically the words to each, “I will forgive all his sins” – seemingly as the most profound gift He could offer one in whom He is most pleased.
I was struck by His awareness and love for two “lesser” known names (to me) found in the D&C.  The spirit seemed to scream within me “He knows you too and is fully aware of your heart, deeds, desires, struggles, prayers, efforts, love and needs – give Him both what you can and what is His and He shall give you like unto them because He loves you.”
These were tender sweet feelings and realizations…but perhaps the part that hit me the deepest, something I’ve never experienced before, was the witness after we spoke outside on Sunday, and has persisted with me both day and night since then, is that I felt and feel each time I am near you, the mantle of your priesthood authority and calling.  I was given Sunday the most clear understanding that I feel those things because you have been blessed to act in His capacity on my behalf.  That the love, counsel, support and kinship I feel near you, is a reflection of what He would have me feel from Him.  That those feelings, and the things you express to me, are the manifestation of His awareness of me in every way.  That through you I am receiving the loving guidance that will result in that which I seek the most.
I lack the ability to adequately express my thankfulness for these things.  I am overwhelmed at the perspective I now am gaining, that I never had before.  My profound thankfulness and humbleness because of the Atonement made on my behalf, and my view seemingly now from the inside out, of the reality of how each gospel principle stems from and finds its value in the Atonement.  It binds all that I know together in the most intense, yet tender feelings of love, thankfulness, humility, determination and desires to be near Him than I have ever felt in my life before.  I have grown not only to love the scriptures and daily prayer, but I have grown to need them beyond anything else I seem to think of, desire, want or need each day…nothing means more to me, brings me more peace, more strength, more enlightenment, and sustaining desires than my time with Him each day.

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