Never Tap Out

NTO 02 PlainI love my kids, my Savior, golf, skiing, 49ers, Lakers, SF Giants and helping people.

Never Tap Out is, in essence, a creed I created this as a reminder of my faith which I once abandoned, and how now, reclaimed – is never to be lost again!

​Never Tap Out

I am one of His warriors.  I chose Him as my Lord before birth.

Jesus Christ is my Savior, my elder brother, and my friend.

He came before me and walked the path, knowing this day, in weakness, I would follow; that my natural man would fall.

His life could not be taken, but He would not die – until I was rescued.

I owe Him my life – to be worthy of His gift, of His love, of His mercy.

I will stand in Holy places and be not moved.

He is my true north.

I will arm myself with his Power; Eternal truth will be my armor; Obedience my sword; and Charity my shield.He died for me – I shall live for Him.

I will Never Tap Out.


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