The Atonement in our lives…daily

From 9/9/13:

I don’t know how each of you has viewed, interpreted or understood the atonement in your life, but for me, what I will share here i’ve learned over the past 6 months, and it is eloquently described by President Packer.  This is probably the single most valuable thing i’ve learned and that I truly rely upon daily.

Pres Packer:  “For some reason we think the Atonement of Christ applies only at the end of mortal life to redemption from the Fall, from spiritual death.  It is much more that.  It is an ever-present power to call upon in everyday life.  When we are racked or harrowed up or tormented by guilt, or burdened with grief, HE CAN HEAL US.  While we do not fully understand how the Atonement of Christ was made, we can experience THE PEACE OF GOD which passeth all understanding.’
“We all make mistakes.  Sometimes we harm ourselves and seriously injure others in ways that we alone cannot repair.  We break things that we alone cannot fix.  It is then in our nature to feel guilt and humiliation and suffering, which we alone cannot cure.  That is when the healing power of the Atonement will help.
“The Lord said, ‘Behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent.’ [D&C 19:16]
“The Atonement has practical, personal, everyday value; apply it in your life.  It can be activated with so simple a beginning as prayer.  You will not thereafter be free from trouble and mistakes but can erase the guilt through repentance and be at PEACE.”
Peace is what I believe we all value the most…this is the formula for peace.  His suffering was not just for the pains of sin, but to preserve our peace.  And His Atonement is not just for the redemption from sin, but to HEAL us that we might not suffer.  Such beautiful expressions of divine love on our behalf…brings great humility to my heart.I need to add this which I also found to be very insightful in our efforts to become and to overcome.  Similar to the saying, “what you eat in private, you wear in public” = what you desire in private, you shall have publicly in eternity.

Neal A. Maxwell:  “Desires…become real determinants.  Therefore, what we insistently desire, over time, IS what we will eventually become and what we will receive in eternity.  Righteous desires need to be relentless, therefore, because, said President Brigham Young, ‘the men and women, who desire to obtain seats in the celestial kingdom, will find that they must battle every day.’  Therefore, true Christian soldiers are more than weekend warriors…
“Thus educating and training our desires clearly requires understanding the truths of the gospel, yet even more is involved.  President Brigham Young confirmed, saying, ‘It is evident that many who understand the truth do not govern themselves by it; consequently, no matter how true and beautiful truth is, you have to take the passions of the people and mould them to the law of God.’
“…Therefore, declared President Joseph F. Smith, ‘the education then of our desires is one of far-reaching importance to our happiness in life.  Such education can lead to sanctification until, said President Brigham Young, ‘holy desires produce corresponding outward works.’  Only by educating and training our desires can they become our allies instead of our enemies.”

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