The Gift of the Holy Ghost…what it represents NOW in regards to the 2nd death…

From 12/10/13:

Ok, I was stoked over this yesterday when I discovered it, and I have to share it.  It’s quite a simple thing really, but I was struck by its profoundness and really surprised that i’d never before thought of it in this light – so this may not be new to you, but certainly was a new thought for me:

In reference to D&C 20:41, Harold B. Lee explained, “baptism by immersion symbolizes the death and burial of the man of sin; and the coming forth out of the water, the resurrection to a newness of spiritual life.  After baptism, hands are laid upon the head of the baptized believer, and he is blessed to receive the Holy Ghost.  [Next is the perspective i’d never before known] Thus does the one baptized receive the promise or gift of the Holy Ghost or the privilege of being brought back into the presence of one of the Godhead, by obedience to whom and through his faithfulness one so blessed might receive the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost in his daily walks and talks, even as Adam walked and talked in the Garden of Eden with God, his Heavenly Father.    To receive such guidance and such direction from the Holy Ghost is to be spiritually reborn.”

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