The Lost Sheep

This is from a brief email exchange dated 5/26/13:

First I rec’d this:

Today in Sunday School we talked about how the shepherd would go out and find his lost sheep….how he would go and search and search for even just one that was lost…but then, after he found it, he would break it’s back legs.  Very powerful imagery.  The shepherd would then carry the sheep around his neck day in and day out until the sheep’s legs healed. The shepherd does this so the sheep will become familiar with his voice, his smell, his touch and consequently will come to really know the shepherd and never wander away from him again. It is such a beautiful analogy and I think  we can both agree that we both have had our “legs broken” in our lives.

My Response:

I am struck by the tender yet strong love required to perform that act.

I really can’t even begin to describe the place that I’m in, nor even the awfulness of the place I had to walk and pass through to get here – but I am thankful to now be on the shepherd’s loving shoulders to be sure.


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