Tests of our faith and loyalties are for ALL of us…

From 12/12/13:

While studying this morning about the Savior’s baptism and subsequent time spent in the wilderness in the attitude of fasting, prayer and being taught at the hands of His Father and ministered to by angels – He then concluded His time suffering from hunger when Lucifer appeared to tempt Him…I came across a quote from Pres Harold B. Lee prior to becoming the President, where he said,

“As I have labored among the brethren here and have studied the history of past dispensations, I have become aware that the Lord has given tests all down through time as to this matter of loyalty to the leadership of the Church…I have listened to the classic stories in this dispensation about how Brigham Young was tested, how Heber C. Kimball was tested, John Taylor and Willard Richards in Carthage Jail, Zion’s Camp that received a great test, and from that number were chosen the first General Authorities in this dispensation.  There were others who didn’t pass the test of loyalty, and they fell from their places.

“I have been in a position since I came into the Council of the Twelve to observe some things among my brethren, and I want to say to you: Every man my junior in the Council of the Twelve, I have seen submitted as though by Providence, to these same tests of loyalty, and I wondered sometimes whether they were going to pass the tests.  The reason they are here today is because they did, and our Father has honored them….
“And so God has honored them, and it is my conviction that every man who will be called to a high place in this Church will have to pass these tests not devised by human hands, by which our Father numbers them as a united group of leaders willing to follow the prophets of the Living God and be loyal and true as witnesses and exemplars of the truths they teach.”

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