What of this day?

From 12/10/13:

I found this today, and found it insightful…

“I was there!”  The Prophet Joseph said, “I was there on that glorious day when the Father called all of his children into the great council.  What a vast throng that must have been.  The memory of that day is gone, obscured by the veil.  But surely it must have been a time of great rejoicing, of overwhelming emotion.  How did i feel, I wonder, when I watched Lucifer, son of the morning, step forward.  ‘Here am I,’ he said, ‘Send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind.’ Everyone? Could that be possible?  ‘One soul shall not be lost,’ he boasted; then he added the condition for such a feat. ‘Surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.’ (See Moses 4:1).
What my reaction was to such terrible audacity I cannot help but wonder.  And what thoughts filled my heart when our Eldest Brother stepped forward with marked contrast in attitude and bearing.  ‘Father, they will be done,’ he said.  And the condition for this? ‘The glory be thine forever.’  (See Moses 4:2). I was there and saw it all; and, according to the Prophet, I sanctioned it.  I sanctioned the choosing and appointing of Jehovah as our Savior.  When the rebellion erupted under Lucifer’s urging, how valiant was I in my stand?  Did I sanction the Savor with heart as well as voice?  The apostle John says the battle was won by the blood of the Lame (i.e., the gospel plan which called for the sacrifice of the Son of God) and the word of their (the followers of Christ) testimony.  (See Revelation 12:11.) Was my own testimony a weapon of power?
Oh, how I long to remember, to pierce the veil and see myself in those pre-mortal days.  But wait.  I stand now in the present.  What of this day?  Do I sanction my Savior here?  The war is not yet over but merely moved to mortal battlegrounds.  What of the weapon of testimony here?  Do I wield it with power in His cause?  Of what worth is previous valiance if I falter here?  He is God, the Son of God.  I sanctioned his appointment then.  What of now?”

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